Specialists Reviewed Advances in Psychology and Neurosciences

Specialists Reviewed Advances in Psychology and Neurosciences

Professionals called by the UTalca analyzed the analysis techniques that exist to better understand the physiological activity of the brain.

The objective of the “International seminar and workshop: Dynamics of cognitive, affective and motor development: models, methods and applications”, carried out by the Research Center on Cognitive Sciences (CICC) of the Universidad de Talca, was to present new ideas and findings in the field of studies related to psychology and neuroscience.

The organizer of the conference, explained that in the framework of the event “we study particularly analysis techniques to better understand the physiological activity of the brain, through verbal and motor communicative behaviors, until we can analyze the behavior of economic and social variables”.

The professional explained that these techniques are feasible to implement in any variable for which there is an extended series of measurements. “For example, the electrical activity of the brain, the heart, postural fluctuations, the movement of the eyes; among others”, he said.

Dr. Ralf Cox, Dr. Ruud den Hartigh and Dr. Marijn van Dijk, from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands leaded the conferences, along with the participation of researchers from the different branches of human cognition study, psychology, robotics, linguistics and biomedicine, among others.

It should be noted that both the seminar and the workshops organized by the CICC were developed as part of the Associative Research Program (PIA) in Cognitive Sciences called “Translational associative research on cognitive, neural and relational processes of adaptive and psychopathological behavior”, funded by the Research Directorate of the Academic Vice-rectory of the UTalca.

Likewise, research stays were carried out in which academics, professionals and postgraduate/undergraduate students who work in the field of cognition, brain and behavior participated.

Source: https://www.maulee.cl/especialistas-revisaron-avances-en-psicologia-y-neurociencias/

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