New Book:
"Trends and Challenges in Cognitive Modeling"

Recently published work by Dr. Tomás Veloz (DICTA), Dr. Andrei Khrennikov (Linnæus University), Dr. Bourama Toni (Howard University) and our Director, Dr. Ramón D. Castillo (Universidad de Talca).

This book presents interdisciplinary research in the science of Human Cognition through mathematical and computational modeling and simulation. Featuring new approaches developed by leading experts in the field of Cognitive Science.

Interdisciplinary research in the study of mind, brain and behavior

The Research Center on Cognitive Sciences (CICC) is inspired by the complex nature of the Universidad de Talca, oriented towards the development of scientific research, innovation and technology transfer.

Associative Research Program (PIA) on Cognitive Sciences

Investigation on the cognitive, neural and relational processes based on adaptation and human psychopathology in social, clinical and experimental contexts.

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