“Testing the effectiveness of a CBT on-line based program to reduce suicide ideation among school adolescents in Chile: A randomized controlled trial”.
Program: FONDECYT Regular N° 1210093
Date: 2021 2024
“Installation of an integrated NOLDUS device for observation, recording and analysis of social and instrumental interaction to address socio-cognitive, mental health and educational problems at the Research Center on Cognitive Sciences of the University of Talca.”
Program: FONDEQUIP EQM190153
Date: 2019 2022
“Associative Translational Research Program on Cognitive, Neural and Relational Processes of Adaptive and Psychopathological Behavior.”
Universidad de Talca
Program: Associative Research Program (PIA) on Cognitive Sciences – Universidad de Talca
Date: 2019 2023
“Research network between Chile, the Netherlands, and Poland on situated cognition and complex dynamic systems.”
Program: Project to Support the Development of International Networks between Research Centers – CONICYT
Date: 2017 2019
“The Emergence of Response Patterns in the Resolution of Insight Problems and Predictive Learning Tasks: Formulation of a Model Based on Embodied Cognition and Dynamic Systems.”
Program: FONDECYT Regular N° 1161533
Date: 2016 2019
Promotion of research and teaching on topics of embodied cognition, enaction and dynamic systems at the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Talca
Program: CICC ResearchersInternational Cooperation Program (PAI): Attraction of Foreign Advanced Human Capital, Short-Stay Modality (MEC) PAI8016101 – CONICYT
Date: 2016 2018
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