Conferences on Cognitive Sciences and Neurosciences

Conferences on Cognitive Sciences and Neurosciences

On November 30, 2017 the Conferences in Cognitive Sciences and Neurosciences were held successfully. The speakers were Dr. John G. Holden, José Luis Ulloa Fulgeri, Valeska Gatica, Johanna Kreither, Rocío Mayol Troncoso, and Rodrigo Montefusco Siegmund. This event was organized by the Research Center on Cognitive Sciences and sponsored by the Research Unit of Universidad de Talca and the Fondecyt 1161533 grant. The conferences was attended by professionals, academics and students.

The same day, a tutorial workshop called Fractal Analysis of Time Series was dictated by Dr. John Holden. A group of 25 professionals along with undergraduate and graduate students worked for three hours in the use of tools to process cognitive, behavioral and physiological variables.


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